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At some point, you will probably need to leave your dog behind while you travel. Though it is not easy to leave her, you want to be sure your dog has a safe, comfortable place to stay while you are gone. If you are considering boarding your dog, ask your friends and your vet who they recommend. Then, call several boarding kennels to learn more. Here are some questions dog owners commonly have about boarding. Be sure to ask the facility these questions before you make a boarding reservation for your dog.

  Where will your dog stay?

It is important to know what your dog’s temporary living space will be like. Ask for a tour of the facility to ensure that the environment is neat, organized and odor-free. Consider the cages or runs. While it might be fine for a crate-trained dog, boarding in a cage can cause anxiety for a dog not accustomed to it. Plus, older dogs with arthritis need more room to move around. If you don’t like the idea of your dog staying in a small cage the whole time, look for a boarding facility that offers upscale boarding. These "pet hotels" often have small rooms with dog beds and toys that mimic the home environment.

  How often will my dog be walked?

Some boarding facilities only let dogs out twice a day for a few minutes at a time. If this is something your dog is used to, then it might not be a problem. However, if you want your dog to get a bit more time to stretch, you should look for a place that walks dogs 3 or more times daily. Ask if they have a fenced-in area where your dog can roam a bit. If not, find out if the attendants walk dogs around for several minutes rather than just letting them relieve themselves quickly and go back in the cage.


quotes This was my first time taking my (spoiled!) Lab to the Holistic Pets and I am so happy with the service we received. He had never stayed there before but he will be back. The folks working here were very helpful and very kind - you can tell that they really care about the animals in their charge. For example, I had brought my dog's bed and when it was time to leave, the bed was washed and waiting for us to take home - what service! Also, I loved being able to take him out for outings and he enjoyed our time together playing on the beach. He was obviously enjoying his vacation too because each time we got to the parking lot he pulled me inside and was happy to be back! As stated by someone else, the kennels themselves are another huge plus. They are very spacious and give the dogs plenty of room to move around in which is not something you often find. Both my dog and I were extremely satisfied with the services we received at the Holistic Pets and we will be back again!. quotes

- Happy pup

  Required Pet Boarding Forms

  Boarding Agreement

The Master Boarding Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing your pet's stay at the Holistic Pets. Please read it carefully and sign where indicated. Include the name of a person (an Agent who must be 18 years or older) who can act on your behalf in the event that we are unable to contact you during an emergency. An Agent may be asked to provide ID if he or she picks up the pet. If anyone other than you or an Agent comes to pick up the pet, we will not be able to release your pet without first speaking with you. If time allows, please return this pet boarding form to us in advance; otherwise, you may bring it with you to check-in.

Medication Form

If your pet takes any medications, vitamins, or supplements that will need to be administered during his or her stay, please complete and present the Medication form. Call ahead to make sure we accept the medication being administered. Holistic Pets does not administer injections.

All medication that accompanies the pet must be in its original container clearly stating the type of medication and the dosage. Over- the-counter (OTC) medications can only be accepted with a pet when accompanied by a veterinarian's dosage recommendation. Please note: There is an additional charge for administering medication.

Pet Assessment Form

The Pet Assessment gives us an opportunity to better understand the needs of your pet. You can describe the details of your pet’s history, health, and behaviors and in turn we can customize our care and attention to your pet while boarding at the Holistic Pets. The Holistic Pets requires that the Pet Assessment is completed at your pet’s first check-in and updated annually. You may print the Pet Assessment now, or fill one out in the Holistic Pets Lobby.

Authorization for Release of Vaccinations Form

If you need to request your pet’s vaccination information from your vet, we can help. Download our release form and ask your veterinarian to complete it. It contains all the information we require for your pet to stay with us. Then ask your veterinarian to fax it to the Holistic Pets location where your pet will be staying.





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